DIG full form

DIG  – Deputy Inspector General of Police

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) could be a one-star rank within the Indian police, slightly below military officer of Police. it’s a selective rank to that Indian Police Service officers United Nations agency had with success served as Senior Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police were promoted.

DIG’s are sometimes Incharge of ranges in an exceedingly state, & region in underground cities. In states, DIG heads a variety, which has three to four cities (can be more) in it. He monitors town police forces of his vary. The Police chiefs (SP’s/SSP’s/DCP’s) of these cities report back to the DIG, United Nations agency is their immediate commander.

The rank of DIG is resembling the rank -Brigadier within the Indian Army,Air commissioned naval officer within the Indian Air Force and commissioned naval officer within the Indian Navy.

Other than State police, The rank of DIG has nearly an equivalent authority in several police setups / Organisations / Forces in our country. DIG – Deputy military officer of Police – sometimes at intervals town such someone is appointed as Joint Commissioner of Police heading East or West or Crime or Administration.

DIG additionally heads a Sub vary consisting of 7–12 divisions and reports to human gamma globulin (Range).DIG is additionally generally Commissioner of a way smaller town like as an example Commissioner of Salem is DIG.


DIG  – Defence Intelligence Group

The Defence administrative unit (D.I.A) is associate degree organisation chargeable for providing and coordinating military intelligence for the Indian defense force.It was created in March 2002 and is run at intervals the Ministry of Defence.

It is the nodal agency for all defence-connected intelligence, so identifying it from the RAW. abundant of the agency’s budget and operations square measure classified. DIA has management of Indian Army’s prized technical intelligence assets – the board of directors of intelligence activity and therefore the Defence Image process and Analysis Centre (DIPAC). Whereas the Signals board of directors is chargeable for getting and decrypting enemy communications, the DIPAC controls India’s satellite-based image acquisition capabilities. The DIA additionally controls the Defence IW Agency (DIWA) that handles all parts of the knowledge warfare repertoire, as well as psychological operations, cyber-war, electronic intercepts and therefore the watching of sound waves. Its operations square measure extremely classified and has many success to its credit which is able to stay a secret.

The Director General of the Defence administrative unit is that the head of the complete organisation. The director general is that the principal authority on intelligence to the Minister of Defence and therefore the Chief of Defence employees.


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