FIEO full form

FIEO :- Federation of Indian Export Organization

The Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO), philanthropic associations set up by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India in 1965 to coordinate and center the endeavors’ of all associations in the nation List of Export advancement chambers and Commodity Boards engaged in fare advancement. The Federation has developed into a key player in the advancement of exchange, venture, and coordinated effort. FIEO gives the substance, heading and push to India’s growing universal exchange. FIEO speaks to the enthusiasm of expert government perceived trading firms, consultancy firms, benefit exporters, banks, send out administration preparing establishments and so forth. FIEO individuals speaking to expansive, medium and little scale sending out units contribute more around 7

FIEO fills in as an accomplice of the Government of India in giving contributions to different exchange arrangement issues and furthermore acts a solid linkage between the Government and the Industry. It takes up issues/issues of its individuals, composes limit building courses to give a helpful residential environment and to expand their focused edge on one hand and arranges worldwide exercises to give its individuals a worldwide reach. FIEO is the one-stop association for any remote financial specialist, purchaser or merchant searching for an exchange accomplice in India.

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