FIR full form

FIR :- First Information Report

A First Information Report (FIR) is a composed record arranged by police associations in nations like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan when they get data about the commission of a cognizable offense, or in Singapore when the police get data about any criminal offense. It is, for the most part, a grumbling held up with the police by the casualty of a cognizable offense or by somebody for his or her benefit, however, anybody can make such a report either orally or in keeping in touch with the police. Examining the work of the police begins after an FIR is recorded. For a non-cognizable offense, a network benefit enroll is made and enlisted.

FIR is an imperative report since it sets the procedure of criminal equity in movement. It is simply after the FIR is enrolled in the police headquarters that the police take up examination of the case. Any individual who thinks about the commission of a cognizable offense, including cops, can record an FIR.

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