FITT full form

FITT :- Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

FITT is a mechanical interface association. It was set up at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) as a Registered Society on ninth July 1992. The mission of FITT is to be a successful Interface with the Industry to cultivate, advance and maintain commercialization of Science and Technology in the Institute for shared advantages. For a quarter century now, FITT has been in a mission mode for affecting the interface between the Institute and the business and has been contriving imaginative approaches to make organizations and linkages with business and network to empower information exchange for basic great. The group at FITT and academicians from IIT Delhi have been generally in charge of our fruitful effort endeavor’s including broad S&T joint efforts.

The job of FITT can be found in cultivating innovation advancement, specialized consultancy, cooperative R&D, proficient HR improvement programs, industry-site visits, occasion support, corporate enrollment and so forth. This is required by the key plan of the Foundation to exhibit and exchange the Institute’s scholarly product to industry and furthermore infuse modern importance in educating and research at IITD. A significant number of here and now and medium term instruction seminars on developing advancements have been sorted out and various essential critical thinking imaginative and look into arranged consultancy ventures have been taken up. DSIR has perceived FITT as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO). As a SIRO, FITT is qualified for full custom obligation exclusion for import of capital products, crude materials and innovation know-how that are required for execution of R&D programs supported by the business.

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