GAIL full form

GAIL :- Gas Authority of India Limited

GAIL stands for Gas Authority of India Limited. Under Indian governance, GAIL constitutes as the principle gas transition company, headquartered in New Delhi. With the core objective of the supply of gas all over India, it even contributes to distribution, exploration, and production of city gas along with electricity generation and GAIL TEL. Venturing under the ministry of petroleum and natural gas, GAIL was incorporated as central public sector undertaking (PSU) in 1984. Today GAIL has built coverage of pipelines of around 11,000kms. Talking about the core competencies GAIL plays an important role in being the gas market developer and providing power, fertilizers, city gas to major industries of the country. Today this venture is expanding worldwide with subsidiaries in Singapore and establishing representative offices to peruse novel business opportunities in Africa and the Middle East. Listed on the 131st position by Brand Trust Reports 2014, it has established itself as India’s one of the most trusted brands.

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