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GMPCS is an individual correspondence framework giving transnational, territorial or worldwide inclusion from a group of stars of satellites available with little and effectively transportable terminals. Regardless of whether the GMPCS satellite frameworks are geostationary or non-geostationary, settled or portable, broadband or narrowband, worldwide or local, they are equipped for giving media transmission benefits specifically to end clients. GMPCS administrations incorporate two-way voice, fax, informing, information and even broadband media.

Amid the principal World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) held in Geneva in October 1996, 129 ITU Member States and 70 Sector Members tended to the administrative issues concerning the future arrangement of GMPCS frameworks. The WTPF delivered five sentiments on the standards and issues identified with the presentation of GMPCS frameworks. Conclusion 4 proposed a Memorandum of Understanding to encourage Arrangements for sort endorsement, authorizing, checking, the arrangement of movement information, and traditions proposals identified with the free dissemination of GMPCS terminals (GMPCS-MoU).

After the WTPF, the Secretary-General of the ITU assembled an Informal Group of Administrations, GMPCS administrators, specialist organizations and terminal producers. Working with the help of the ITU General Secretariat, the Group concluded the GMPCS-MoU, at that point it received the GMPCS-MoU Arrangements. At long last, the Group endorsed the strategies for the Implementation of the GMPCS-MoU Arrangements which were received as Annex 1 to the Arrangements. Its primary highlights are the notice and usage methodology and a choice on the GMPCS-MoU Mark.

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