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Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the mean sun based time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, figured from midnight. At various occasions before, it has been ascertained in various ways, including being figured from noon; as a result, it can’t be utilized to indicate an exact time except if a setting is given.

English speakers frequently utilize GMT as an equivalent word for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For route, it is viewed as comparable to UT1 (the cutting edge type of mean sunlight based time at 0° longitude); yet this significance can contrast from UTC by up to 0.9 s. The term GMT ought not along these lines be utilized for specialized purposes.

Due to Earth’s uneven speed in its curved circle and its pivotal tilt, twelve (12:00:00) GMT is seldom the correct minute the sun crosses the Greenwich meridian and achieves its most astounding point in the sky there. This occasion may happen up to 16 minutes prior or evening GMT, a disparity figured by the condition of time.

Initially, space experts considered a GMT day to begin at twelve while for nearly every other person it began at midnight. To maintain a strategic distance from disarray, the name Universal Time was acquainted with signify GMT as tallied from midnight. Astronomers favored the old tradition to improve their observational information, so every night was logged under a solitary timetable date. Today Universal Time ordinarily alludes to UTC or UT1.

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