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The General Post Office was authoritatively settled in England in 1660 by Charles II and it in the long run developed to join the elements of state postal framework and media communications transporter. Comparative General Post Offices were set up over the British Empire. In 1969 the GPO was abrogated and the advantages exchanged to The Post Office, transforming it from a Department of State to a statutory enterprise. In 1980, the media communications and postal sides were part before British Telecommunications’ change into an absolutely discrete freely claimed enterprise the next year because of the British Telecommunications Act 1981. For the later history of the postal framework in the United Kingdom, see the articles Royal Mail and Post Office Ltd.

Initially, the GPO was a restraining infrastructure covering the despatch of things from a particular sender to a particular recipient, which was to be of extraordinary significance when new types of correspondence were designed. The postal administration was known as the Royal Mail since it was based on the dispersion framework for regal and government archives. In 1661 the workplace of Postmaster General was made to regulate the GPO.

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