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The Geological Survey of India (GSI), established in 1851, is a Government of India Ministry of Mines association, one of the most seasoned of such associations on the planet and the second most established review in India after Survey of India (established in 1767), for leading geographical studies and investigations of India, and furthermore as the prime supplier of essential earth science data to government, industry and overall population, and additionally the official member in steel, coal, metals, concrete, control ventures and global geoscientific gatherings.

Framed in 1851 by East India Company, its underlying foundations can be followed to 1836 when the “Coal Committee”, trailed by more such advisory groups, was shaped to ponder and investigate accessibility of coals in the eastern parts of India. British colonized India for the precise money related abuse of resources, prompting India’s deindustrialization and Britain’s Industrial Revolution, by utilizing India as both a noteworthy provider of crude products to British makers and a vast hostage advertise for British made goods, to offer British merchandise in India with no taxes or obligations and to intensely charge nearby Indian makers with the burden of Britain protectionist strategies, for example, bans and high duties to confine Indian completed products from being sold in Britain, though crude material was transported in from India without levies to British factories, bringing about decrease of a lot of the world economy from 24.

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