HEC full form


Overwhelming Engineering Corporation Limited or “HECL” is a Public Sector Undertaking (“PSU”) in Ranchi, Jharkhand India. HECL was built up in the year 1958 as one of the biggest Integrated Engineering Complex in India. It makes and supplies capital types of gear and apparatuses and renders venture execution required for center part enterprises. It has finished producing set up beginning from throwing and manufacturing, creation, machining, get together and testing – all in one area, Ranchi, sponsored by a solid structure – building and innovation group.

  • Steel Plant and its equipment
  • Impact Furnace
  • Coke Oven Batteries
  • Ceaseless Casting Machine
  • Steel Melting Converters
  • Manufactured Rolls
  • Mining equipment
  • Electric Rope Shovel (5 CuM)
  • Electric Rope Shovel (10 CuM)
  • Draglines
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