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The high-temperature reactor (VHTR), or high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR), is a Generation IV reactor idea that uses a graphite-directed atomic reactor with a once-through uranium fuel cycle. The VHTR is a kind of high-temperature reactor (HTR) that can thoughtfully have an outlet temperature of 1000 °C. The reactor center can be either a “kaleidoscopic square” or a “rock bed” center. The high temperatures empower applications, for example, process warmth or hydrogen creation by means of the thermochemical sulfur-iodine cycle.

The plan exploits the intrinsic security attributes of a helium-cooled, graphite-directed center with particular structure advancements. The graphite has substantial warm idleness and the helium coolant is single stage, dormant, and has no reactivity impacts. The center is made out of graphite, has a high warmth limit and auxiliary security even at high temperatures. The fuel is covered uranium-oxy carbide which allows high consume (moving toward 200 GWd/t) and holds parting items. The high normal center leaves temperature of the VHTR (1,000 °C) licenses discharges free creation of process warm. A reactor is intended for a long time of administration.

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