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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO; French: Organization de l’aviation Civile Internationale), is a specific office of the United Nations. It systematizes the standards and procedures of the global air route and encourages the arranging and improvement of universal air transport to guarantee protected and deliberate growth. Its central command is situated in the Quartier International of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The ICAO Council embraces norms and suggested works on concerning air route, its foundation, flight review, the anticipation of unlawful impedance, and assistance of outskirt crossing methods for global common flying. ICAO characterizes the conventions for air mischance examination pursued by transport wellbeing experts in nations signatory to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The Air Navigation Commission (ANC) is the specialized body inside ICAO. The Commission is made out of 19 Commissioners, assigned by the ICAO’s contracting states, and designated by the ICAO Council. Commissioners fill in as autonomous specialists, who albeit named by their states, don’t fill in a state or political agents. The advancement of worldwide Standards And Recommended Practices is done under the course of the ANC through the formal procedure of ICAO Panels. When affirmed by the Commission, benchmarks are sent to the Council, the political group of ICAO, for meeting and coordination with the Member States before conclusive appropriation.

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