ICO full form


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is a worldwide association established in 1969, comprising of 57 part states, with an aggregate populace of more than 1.8 billion starting at 2015 with 53 nations being Muslim Majority nations. The association expresses that it is “the aggregate voice of the Muslim world” and attempts to “shield and secure the interests of the Muslim world in the soul of advancing universal peace and amicability”.

As per its sanction, the OIC expects to safeguard Islamic social and financial qualities; advance solidarity among part states; increment collaboration in social, monetary, social, logical, and political regions; maintain universal peace and security; and advance training, especially in the fields of science and technology.

The symbol of the OIC contains three principal components that mirror its vision and mission as joined in its new Charter. These components are the Kaaba, the Globe, and the Crescent.

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