IFFS full form


The International Federation of Film Societies (IFFS) was set up in 1947 in Cannes (France) by gatherings of film social orders in nations all through the world and is otherwise called Federation Internationale des Cine-Clubs (FICC). Starting at 2010, in excess of 30 nations are spoken to in this universal association.

What they do?

  • International juries at film celebrations (The Don Quijote grant): This honor is given at 13 celebrations in Europe and Latin-America by juries contained film society individuals around the world.
  • International film organization gatherings: At regular intervals, the IFFS arrange the General Assembly and the World Conference of Film Societies.
  • Networking with a quick system of film contacts around the world: They encourage each other program and source films, stay up to date with extraordinary movies from around the globe, and handle other common sense and philosophical film society issues.
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