INSAT full form


The Indian National Satellite System or INSAT is a progression of multipurpose geostationary satellites propelled by ISRO to fulfill the media communications, broadcasting, meteorology, and pursuit and save tasks. Dispatched in 1983, INSAT is the biggest household correspondence framework in the Asia Pacific Region. It is a joint endeavor of the Department of Space, Department of Telecommunications, India Meteorological Department, All India Radio and Doordarshan. The general coordination and administration of INSAT framework rest with the Secretary-level INSAT Coordination Committee.

INSAT satellites give transponders in different groups (C, S, Extended C, and Ku) to serve the TV and correspondence needs of India. A portion of the satellites additionally has the Very High-Resolution Radiometer (VHRR), CCD cameras for meteorological imaging. The satellites additionally join transponder(s) for getting trouble ready signs for pursuit and save missions in the South Asian and Indian Ocean Region, as ISRO is an individual from the Cospas-Sarsat program.

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