KG full form

KG :- Kindergarten

Kindergarten (K.G.). Before participating in a competition even an adult person needs to prepare. Similarly, children also need to prepare before stepping in a school. Before recognizing ABCD… one can even spell the word, ‘Alphabet’. Their brain development is the first and foremost thing which starts here, in Kindergarten. It is a place for children where they start learning. They start to grow, the development of the brain in the educational field begins from here. It is an educational approach which involves activities such as drawing, singing, dancing, playing, etc. In the late 18th century, these preschools were created in Bavaria and Strasbourg especially for those children whose parents i.e. both mother and father were working. Here, the age of children studying lies between two and seven. Even many educational programs are organized for growing interests in children for learning. The children are encouraged. Some of the activities even involve the presence of the parents.

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