LAC full form

LAC – Line of Actual Control

You can use the term Line of Actual Control in two common ways. In a way, it is referred to as the line of control in the western sector of the border lane between the two countries. It also means that LAC creates a border between the countries and it also separates the two countries. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a separation line between India and China. Basically, this line discriminates the Indian-controlled territory and Chinese-controlled territory. The separation line or borderline is formed after the 1962 war and it is 4057 km long in length and it traverses the three regions of the northern state of Indian i.e. the western region is Ladakh in state Kashmir, the middle region is Uttarakhand in state Himachal Pradesh and eastern region is Sikkim in state Arunachal Pradesh. The border has the benefit that the region comes under a particular country will follow the rules and regulation of that country.

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