LLM full form

LLM:- Master of Law

The post graduation course or masters in Law i.e. M.L. or LL.M. is a postgraduate academic degree, which is pursued by those students who must either have completed an undergraduate academic law degree, a professional law degree, or an undergraduate degree which has a related subject of law. In some regions, the Masters of Law is the basic degree of professional for the admission into legal practice.

You can get various options for LL.M course because there is a wide range of this programs available across the worldwide, which allow the students to keep the focus on almost all areas of the law. Most of the universities provide only a small number of LL.M. programs. The various options of LL.M are bankruptcy law, banking law, commercial law, dispute resolution, entertainment, and media law, environmental law, estate planning and there are many other options which make an individual join it.

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