LMG full form

LMG:- Light Machine Gun

An LMG (light machine gun) is a machine gun which is specially designed to be employed by an individual soldier, that can be utilized with or without an assistant. It acts as an infantry support weapon. Light machine guns are mostly utilized as automatic weapons of the squad.

At an early age, the light machine guns used to fired full caliber service ammunition whereas modern light machine guns often fire which is of smaller caliber cartridges as compared to medium machine guns, and these are mostly lighter in weight and more compact in size. Some light machine guns, for instance, the Russian RPK that are modified design of the existing assault rifle designs and it is usually designed in a way that it shares the same ammunition. If talking about the adaptation, the adaptations to the original rifle mainly consist of a larger magazine, a barrel which is heavier to provide resistance to overheating, a more speed up mechanism that will support sustained fire and a bipod.

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