LPA full form

LPA:- Laws Prevention Association of India

When you look back in the 1970s, you might found that there was a concern which is increasing in the industry of general insurance that is about the magnitude of fires, mishaps on road, accidents which are due to some industrial reasons, damage to cargo that results in loss of life and property as well, most of these was avoidable to some extent. It had become one of the most important concerns which needed immediate attention because these concerns are mainly related to the prevention of such type of losses and it also considerate their consequences that prompted the general insurance of the industry which will further promote the Loss Prevention Association of India Ltd. or LPA as it popularly came to be known eventually.

Laws Prevention Association of India was established in the month of January in 1978 as a company which is limited by guarantee, it also involves the promotion of safety and loss control through various education subjects, training lessons, and consultancy.

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