MariaDB vs MySQL

Below is a comparative study of MariaDB and MySQL.

Purely open-source and vibrant development environment. Uses a dual licensing model.
Less popular comparatively. More popular.
Less reliable and less trusted database comparatively. More reliable and trusted database.
Developed by a small company. Developed by the Oracle corporation.
Released under GPL, LGPL, or BSD. Released under the terms of GNU (General Public License).
Password complexity plugin feature is not available. Password complexity plugin feature is available.
Less number warnings and bugs. More number of warnings and bugs.
Quicker and more transparent security releases. Less quick and has less transparent security releases.
More cutting-edge features. Less cutting-edge features.
More number of storage engines. Less number of storage engines.
The memcached interface is not available. The memcached interface is available.
Performs better testing. Performs good testing.
Compatible and very easy to migrate. Stable database.
New features are available. More stable and trusted features.
Improved performance. More reliable and trusted performance.


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