METO full form

METO – Middle East Treaty Organization

The Central Treaty Organization or CENTO is originally known as the Baghdad Pact or the Middle East Treaty Organization or METO. It was set up in the year 1955 by many countries such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Later on, the Middle East Treaty Organization was dissolved in the year 1979.

METO is modeled after the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO. CENTO promised the nations for the mutual cooperation and protection along with that non-intervention in affairs of each other. The goal of METO was to contain the Soviet Union (USSR) by having a line of strong states along the USSR’s southwestern frontier. Same in case, it was well known as the Northern Tier to avoid the Soviet expansion towards the direction of the Middle East. Not like NATO, CENTO or METO did not have a unified military command structure, nor there were many U.S. or UK base military which is established in member countries.

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