MISA full form

MISA:- Maintenance of Internal Security Act

The Maintenance of Internal Security Act or MISA was also considered as controversial law which is passed by the parliament of India in the year 1971 giving the organization of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Indian law enforcement agencies amazing powers such as indefinite preventive detention of individuals, search and seizure of property without warrants, and wiretapping and it is utilized in the quelling of civil and political disorder in India, along with countering foreign-inspired sabotage, terrorism, subterfuge, and national security threat. This law i.e. MISA was amended number of times during national emergency i.e. 1975-1977 and it is also utilized for controlling the dispute which is due to politics. At the last Maintenance of Internal Security Act was revoked in 1977, and the reason was that Indira Gandhi lost the Indian general election in the year 1977 and Janata Party came to power and started taking a decision as per the authority.

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