MMDS full form

MMDS – Multiple Microwave Distribution System

Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS), once in the past is also known as Broadband Radio Service (BRS) and furthermore called Wireless Cable. It is a technology which utilizes wireless telecommunication and media communications. It is utilized for general purpose broadband systems’ administration or, all the more usually considered as an alternative technique for the reception of the digital TV programming.

MMDS is utilized in various countries throughout the world such as the Sudan, United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Iceland, Ireland, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Bolivia, Brazil, Barbados, Australia, Portugal, Madeira, Czech Republic, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uruguay, India, Belarus, Lebanon, Cambodia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as well. It is most normally utilized in a scantily populated area which are considered as the rural area, where cable installation is not economically feasible, albeit a few organizations may likewise offer MMDS benefits in urban zones, most quite in Ireland where the MMDS system was eliminated in 2016.

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