MNAMS full form

MNAMS – Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences

National Academy of Medical Sciences in India that better known by its acronym i.e. NAMS. It is a nodal agency that is under the Government of India, which also acts as an advisory body to the Government of India in issues that are related to National Health Policy and Planning and considered as a promoting agency for continuing medical education or CME for medical and health professionals. It is also a part of an Inter Academy Medical Panel which has acronym IAMP, a worldwide network of medicinal academies. A headquarter of this Academy is at NAMS House which is at Ansari Nagar and also neighboring the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the Indian Council of Medical Research House, along with the Marg i.e. Mahatma Gandhi Marg, in the capital of India which is New Delhi. The members of this Academy of Medical Sciences also known as Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences and its acronym is MNAMS.

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