NCPEDP full form

NCPEDP:- National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

NCPEDP stands for National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People is India’s leading cross-disability advocacy organization. It is a non-profit organization established in the year 1996. It focuses on the need to change the orthodox views regarding charity and welfare by changing them towards those of productivity and enabling of disabled people. Since it’s registration in the year 1996, NCPEDP has made policies changes that have benefited positively the lives of those who are disabled. It has encouraged the employment of disabled people. It also aims to increase the awareness of the public regarding issues related to disabilities and to enrich the disabled with knowledge, information, and opportunities. It’s scope also includes ensuring convenience for the disabled to access services, producing, technologies and public places. It’s six prime pillars are employment, education, access, policy and law, awareness and youth. NCPEDP also partners with institutions and disability activists to fight for the basic rights of the disabled along with ensuring that disability is mainstreamed in the development agenda. Its slogan is “Nothing About Us Without Us”.

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