NCW full form

NCW:- National Commission for Women

NCW stands for National Commission for Women was set up under the National Commission for Women Act 1990. It was set up in the year January 1992. It is a national level organization of India which aims to promote and protect the interests of women. The NCW consists of five members, a chairperson and a member secretary. The chairperson is appointed by the central government along with the Five members. Its functions include investigation and examination of all matters related to the safeguarding of women under the laws and the constitution of the nation. The commission is to submit an annual report the central government regarding its functioning. Its work is to process complaints received verbally or in writing regarding any crimes committed against women. It also reviews the safeguards for women provided by the constitution and the legal system along with redressal of any such grievances. The NCW advises the Government of India regarding all the matters that are related to the women of the country.

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