NFDC full form

NFDC:- National Film Development Corporation

NFDC stands for National Film Development Corporation is a central agency that aims to encourage a high quality of Indian cinema. It was established in the year 1975. It is a public sector undertaking by the Government of India. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Over the years after it’s establishment, it has provided a variety of services that are integral to the growth of Indian cinema. It aims at planning, promoting and organizing an integrated and efficient development of the Indian film industry. It also aims to foster excellence to the Indian cinema. It was established for the encouragement of good cinema movement in India. Its long-term objective is to promote Indian cinema in a way that it becomes a favorable destination for filmmakers from across the world. It has produced/funded over 300 films in various Indigenous languages. These films have not only been widely acclaimed but also have won many national and international awards. It is a part of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

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