PCI full form

PCI:- Press Council of India

PCI stands for Press Council of India. It is a statutory body which acts as a watchdog to oversee the conduct of the print media in the country. Recommended by the First Press Commission, the PCI was the first set up in 1966 by the Indian Parliament. It was set up with the objective of preserving the freedom of the press along with maintaining and improving the standard of a press in the country. The PCI is one of the supreme organizations which apart from ensuring the independence of the press, is also empowered to hold hearings on receipt of complaints and take suitable action whenever required, thus making it a quasi-judicial body. The PCI is headed by a Chairman, who is usually a retired judge of the Supreme Court. It also includes 28 other members, around 20 of which are working journalists and the remaining 6 are the editors of newspapers. These members serve the council for a period of 3 years. The PCI is funded by revenue collected from newspapers, depending on their circulation and also by grants from the Central Government, through the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

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