Ph.D. full form

Ph.D.:- Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D. stands for doctor of philosophy. Ph.D. is a doctoral degree, it acquires the most prestigious rank in academics. As research is creating new knowledge and wisdom is organized life. The word philosophy itself means thirst for knowledge or love of wisdom. It is a degree for the highest level of study in any subject. Its origin lies in medieval and modern Europe. Initially, the study was organized in the faculty of theology, medicine, arts, law. The title of Ph.D. was interchangeably used with masters. It was different from current Ph.D. degree as doctorates were awarded scholarship without original research. According, to Keith Allan (1994)the first doctoral degree was awarded in medieval Paris. Article by Ralph Rosenberg says that first Ph.D. was awarded to an African-American at Yale University in 1876. In order to pursue Phd, one has to hold a masters degree, although the requirement varies throughout the world. Ruth Lawrence and Norbert Wiener are the youngest doctorates. Usually, it takes 4-5 years to complete a Phd. degree. But the required span of time is worth quenching your thirst for knowledge.

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