PIOC full form

PIOC:- Persons of Indian Origin Card

The full form of PIOC stands for persons of Indian Origin Card. The PIOC was first issued on 15 September 2002 by India and came into effect on the same day. The purpose of it the Persons of Indian Origin Card is for identification. On 9th of January 2015, the PIO card was expired by the government of India and was further merged with the Overseas Citizen of India card scheme. It is a type of identification as a form issued to a person of India origin who holds a passport in a country other than Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. You must be a citizen of India for your PIO card to be issued. There must be an ultimate proof that your whole ancestry, your nation was India, you nor your ancestors ever moved from India or belonged to other nations. If you had a PIO card you could enter India visa-free, during the period of validity of the PIO card. In any registration or identification situations, you could use your PIO card as an option.

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