PLA full form

PLA:- People’s Liberation Army

The full form of PLA stands for People’s Liberation Army. The People’s Liberation Army acts as the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and communist party of China. The motto of the People’s Liberation Army states to serve the people. It was founded on 1st August 1927. PLA ground force, PLA Navy, PLA air force, PLA rocket force, PLA strategic support force are some of the service branches of the People’s Liberation Army. The headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army is located in central military commission Beijing. The chairman of the central military commission is the commander-in-chief Xi Jinping ( General Secretary and President) of theĀ  People’s Liberation Army. You must be 20+ years of age to be able to join the military. The budget of the People’s Liberation Army is $175 billion. Russia, Ukraine, France, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel are some of the foreign suppliers. The main aim of the People’s Liberation Army was to let the citizens sleep in peace while on the other side their takes place war, bullets, and all the cruel things.

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