PWG full form

PWG:- People’s War Group

PWG stands for People’s War Group. In India in the 1980s, there were constant educational and economic disparities between the castes. This remained a controversial element in Indian culture despite the promise of the 1950 constitution to abolish the caste system. These caste disparities along with the perception of corruption within the government led to a rise in the communist movement. These people who adhere to the ideology of communism along with the redistribution of wealth called themselves Naxalites. They were said to be paying homage to the 1967 Marxist uprising in Naxalbari, West Bengal, who targeted only the feudal landlords. For leadership of the movement and their tactics, the Naxalites were not in agreement. As an outcome, several groups emerged and struggled among themselves for being the leader. PWG was established in the year 1980. Its goal was stated as “uplifting the oppressed tribal people who are considered as the lowest rungs of Indian society.” The PWG called for the destruction of the government. It demanded its replacement with a new democratic revolution and the installment of a “people’s government.”

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