RTO full form

RTO:- Regional Transport Officer

The full form of RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. The Regional Transport Office is a type of a government agency whose parent agency is Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The database of drivers and vehicles of various states are maintained by an organization of the Indian government, which is the Regional Transport Office. From the issuing of driving licenses, organization of vehicle excise duty, which is also known as road tax and road fund license to the selling of personalized registration, all of these services are provided by the Regional Transport Office. Also, the regional transport office of the Regional Transport Office is located in Dalbir. The Regional Transport Office comes into help when a car may be stolen, so by the database provided, the police can track the car or any other vehicle. The Regional Transport Office also helps bring safety by making sure the right persons and ones who can maintain a vehicle are being provided by the vehicles.

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