SC full form

SC :- Security Council / Supreme Court / Scheduled Caste

The full form of SC stands for Scheduled Caste. The Scheduled Caste are officially designated groups of historically disadvantaged people in India. In modern literature, the Scheduled Caste is sometimes referred to as untouchables. The term Dalit meaning broken or shattered in Sanskrit and Hindi is still pretty common. The terms are recognized in the Constitution of India and the groups are designated in one or other of the categories. During the British rule in the Indian subcontinent, they were known as the Depressed classes. The Scheduled Caste was the lowest part of the Hindu Society. As we can see how earlier, the Scheduled Caste was discriminated and denied of all the other things people would find essential, they could not attend school as they were discriminated hardly, they would have to sit outside the class, clean the floors, they wouldn’t be given access to rented houses, even transportation, they were not allowed to enter the temples, they were even not allowed to drink water from the same tap as the upper classes. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar plays a great role in bringing justice to the Scheduled Caste as he a Dalit and faced very crucial discrimination in the society, he created many movements for the rights and justice to the Scheduled Caste. And recently in September 2018, the government issued an advisory to all private satellite channels asking them to refrain using the nomenclature Dalit. Many laws, advisories were coming up with to vanish the discrimination faced by the Scheduled Caste. They were given extra advantages so even though the people could be cruel, the government for sure wouldn’t. They were given special numbers of seats in many fields from examinations, jobs and to even politics. And it’s funny to think that after this many years, the complete opposite has taken place. People are going majorly in the Scheduled Caste to get those advantages and thus many other castes have got no help with the seats. And the government is considering to take off the advantages for the Scheduled Caste.

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