UBLF full form

UBLF:- United Bengali Liberation Front

UBLF stands for United Bengali liberation front. It came into existence October 1999. The main objective of UBLF is to protect the Bengali population from attacks by other terrorists such as national liberation front of Tripura the UBLF militants attack against the tribes in a state by throwing bombs from a distance. UBLF terrorists move about in small in small groups and single out their victims at an isolated spot. UBLF terrorist is alleged to be involved in activities such as kidnapping, extortion, arson besides killing tribes. They are also reported to be extorting money from state government employees. They secure a large number of arms and ammunition from other terrorist groups operating in the northeast and tried to procure more weapons from Bangladesh. UBLF had also urged Bangladesh government for help, primarily appealing to the common ethnic link. In 2001 UBLF killed two and injured two others at MAHARANIPUR in West Tripura. And 8 UBLF militants were arrested in Tripura.

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