UEEM full form

UEEM:- Universalization of Elementary Education Mission

UEEM stands for Universalization of Elementary Education Mission. It has been acknowledged as a national objective in India. Central and State governments are working hard to accomplish this objective. Because of these endeavors, 94 percent of the nation’s country populace has elementary schools inside one km and 85 percent of the provincial populace has upper-grade schools inside a separation of 3 km. The quantity of elementary schools has gone up by three times, from 2.1 lakh to 6.42 lakh and of upper-grade schools by around 15 times from 13,596 to 1.98 lakh amid 1950-51 and 1999-2000, individually. The quantity of educators in these schools has likewise expanded from 6.24 lakh in 1950-51 to 32.17 lakh in 1999-2000. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), propelled in November 2000 as an umbrella program, kept on being actualized to help and expand upon other essential and rudimentary instruction ventures. The program means to guarantee five years of essential training for all youngsters in the age assemble 6-14 years by 2007 and eight years of tutoring by 2010. Though the deadlines have long passed, still the mission is on, and huge progress has been made by the Government in this sector.

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