USIS full form

USIS:- United States Information Service

USIS stands for United States Investigation Services. It is responsible for providing the security-based information and service solutions to both government and corporate customers, in the United States as well as abroad. The corporate headquarters of USIS was in Falls Church, in Greater Washington, D.C. The training provided at another place which is in Boyers, PA. USIS was considered to be a part of Altegrity Inc. The headquartered of the company is in the Falls Church area which was further owned by Providence Equity Partners.

The US Investigation Services was founded in the year 1996 after the investigative branch, Federal Investigative Service, of the United States Office of Personnel Management or OPM which was privatized. It was set up due to an effort of Vice President of the United States Al Gore to decrease the size of the civil service. Originally it is known as US Investigations Services Inc., USIS was at first an employee-owned company.

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