UTS full form

UTS:- Unreserved Ticketing System

Indian Railways has become one of the biggest railway systems in the world by providing various services in the railway system. India has some of the most amazing and unforgettable rail journeys in the entire world. Every day millions of people utilize government transportation i.e. railway system as people travel by rail in India. Presently even the Government of India tries to motivate people to make a cashless country. For few of the reasons, Indian Railways have made UTS which is the acronym of The Unreserved Ticket System for Unreserved Ticket to Indian Rail Passengers.

This application i.e. UTS is founded and developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems or CRIS. This Application is accessible for both types of smartphones such as Android and Windows. Users can easily install the UTS application from Google Play Store or Windows store for free. People can easily reserve or buy the ticket of the train by utilizing this application.

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