VCO full form

VCO:- Viceroy Commissioned Officer

During the colonial period, a VCO was a senior member of the British Indian Army. As compared to the British Army they were senior in rank to warrant officers of the same and held a commission issued by the viceroy. They were also known as “Indian officers” or “Native officers”, and were treated in almost same respect as the commissioned officers, but they only had authority over Indian troops and are subordinate to all British Kings and Queen. The soldier who was promoted to VCO rank had long service and good service records, they had reasonably fluent English, and could act as a common liaison point between officers and men.

VCO’S were honored and addressed with respect. Even British officers would call them by their name or designation they hold, for instance, “subedar sahib” or <name> sahib. Ranks held by VCO’S are as follows-

  • Cavalry regiment – Jamedar, Risaldar, Risaldar-major
  • Infantry regiment – Jamdar, Subedar, Subedar-major
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