WFTU full form

WFTU:- World Federation of Trade Union

The World Federation of Trade Unions(WFTU) was established in the year 1945 to replace the International Federation of Trade Unions. Its mission was planned out to bring together trade unions globally in a single international organization, just like the United Nations. After a variety of Western trade unions left it in 1949, as a result of disputes over support for the foreign aid, to create the International Confederation of Trade Unions, the WFTU was created up primarily of unions related with or sympathetic to communist parties. within the context of the conflict, the WFTU was typically represented as a Soviet front organization. It’s catchword is “Class homeward – uniting – democratic – fashionable – independent!” and has over ninety-two million staff, from 126 countries across all six inhabited continents. The key individuals to the current federation are: M.Michael Mzwandile Makwayiba (president) and George Mavrikos (general secretary). The WFTU holds advisory standing with the Economic and Social Council of the global organization, the ILO, UNESCO, FAO, and alternative international organization agencies. It maintains permanent missions in NY, Geneva, and Rome.

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