WIPO full form

WIPO:- World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO is one in all the fifteen specialized agencies of the UN (UN). It absolutely was shaped on 14 July 1967 headquartered in Geneva, Swiss Confederation and its head Director-General of the WIPO Francis Gurry. WIPO presently has 191 member states, administers twenty-six international treaties. Non-members square measure the states of federate States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, male monarch Islands, and South Sudan. Palestine has permanent observer standing Article one that WIPO is accountable for promoting inventive intellectual activity and for facilitating the transfer of technology associated with industrial property to the developing countries so as to accelerate economic, social and cultural development, subject to the ability and responsibilities of the UN and its organs, significantly the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the UN Development Programme and also the UN Industrial Development Organization, also as of the UN instructional, Scientific and Cultural Organization and of different agencies at intervals the UN system. Unlike different branches of the UN, WIPO has important monetary resources freelance of the contributions from its Member States. In 2006, over ninety p.c of its financial gain of simply over CHF 250 million[13] was expected to be generated from the gathering of fees by the International Bureau (IB) beneath the property application and registration systems that it administers (the Patent Cooperation pact, the national capital system for logos and also the Hague system for industrial designs).

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