AICC full form

The All India Congress Committee (AICC) is the focal basic leadership of the Indian National Congress. It is made out of individuals chose from state-level Congress Committees. They have upwards of a thousand individuals. It is the AICC that chooses individuals from the Congress Working Committee and the Congress President, who is likewise the leader of the AICC.

Initially, the home office of AICC was situated at Swaraj Bhavan, Allahabad. Anyway, after the freedom of India in 1947, it was moved to 7, Jantar Mantar Marg, Delhi and along these lines to 24 Akbar Road, directly behind 10 Janpath, after the 1969 Congress split, under Indira Gandhi. The Organization is going by the Congress President, who is chosen by the All India Congress Committee. The AICC, then again, is made out of agents sent by the different State-level Pradesh Congress Committees, who themselves have been chosen or assigned to their individual Pradesh Congress Committee from the area and panchayat level gathering units. Other than the President, these representatives likewise choose the Congress Working Committee, which is the zenith basic leadership a body of the association. A few General Secretaries are likewise selected by the President to run the working of the association.

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