AICCTU full form

The All India Central Council of Trade Unions is a central union federation in India founded in the year 1989. The AICCTU is politically affiliated to Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation. It has achieved the position of a recognized Central Trade Union Organization and as per the reports from the Ministry of Labour, The AICCTU had 639,962 members in the year 2002.

AICCTU started off with the trend of revolutionary trade unionism in India and is the trade union mass organisation of CPI Liberation. Its head office is in Shakarpur, Delhi. Rajiv Dimri is the General Secretary and S. Kumarasami is the president. Some of the federations affiliated to AICCTU are Coal Mines Workers Union, Asha Workers Association, All India Construction Workers Federation, Steel Workers Federation, Municipalities and North Central Railway Workers Union.

There are 165 unions that are attached to AICCTU. Some of them are Andaman Forest Workers Solidarity Union, Electricity Workers Solidarity Union,  Plantation Crops Workers’ Union, Government Motor Transport Drivers Union, Nagarpalika Karamchari Union, National Textile Corporation Workers Union, East Central Railway Employees Union, Bhumi Vikas Bank Karmi Sangh, Graphite India Ltd. Karamchari Sangh, Centra Pvt. Ltd. Karamchari Panchayat, Centre of Steel Workers, Bokaro, Coal Mines Workers Union, Textile Mazdoor Ekta Manch, Auto Parts Karamchari Union Kanpur, Power looms Majoor Sangh, United Workmen Union and others.

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