BICP full form

Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices (BICP): The present Tariff Commission was constituted through a Government Resolution in 1997. In this way, Bureau of Industrial cost and Prices (BICP) was converged in the Tariff Commission. The Commission is going by an officer in the rank and pay of Secretary to the Govt. of India. Tax Commission is situated inside the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Duty Commission having a multidisciplinary structure of specialists in the field of science and innovation, cost and monetary investigation, insights and financial matters, gives inquire about based contributions to educated basic leadership by Government, in light of the top to bottom examination utilizing information on ground substances gathered from the field. Duty Commission tries to convey ponder reports inside an unequivocal time period in a staged way to the discoveries are ongoing and significant for touching base at approach choices and not rendered excess with the progression of time. This is guaranteed by staging the examinations and influencing them To state particular and additionally division/unit/item particular. The consumption of the investigations is met through the monetary allowance given by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

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