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Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: ,
Etymology: + Compare

Sometimes, as in quot. , assumed (by folk etymology) to show an alteration of

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English regional (south-western).

1838   W. Holloway at Fenny  
In Hampshire when cheese is beginning to decay, and just showing those blue lines, it is said to be blue-vinnied, that is, I presume ‘blue veined’.
1880   T. Hardy I. ix. 173  
My scram blue-vinnied gallicrow of an uncle.
1880   T. Hardy II. xx. 89  
[They] mean to marry at once, that the wedding victuals may not be wasted! They felt ‘twould be a thousand pities to let such good things get blue-vinnied.
1979   N. Rogers   
Blue-vinnied, covered with blue mould, as cheese.

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