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The Central Plantation Crops Research Institute serves as a national forum for improving the genetic potential of plantation crops like coconut, arecanut, cashewnut and spices. Located at Kasargod (Kerala), the agricultural research institute is a part of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) since 1970.  Initially CPCRI got established in the year 1916 as Central Coconut Research Station by the Government of Madras, and in 1947 it was taken over by ICAR.

CPCRI operates as national repository for the genetic resources of crops for plantation and to produce parental lines as well as breeders’ stock. The two regional stations are at Vittal (Karnataka) and Kayamkulum (Kerala). The four research centres for the institute are located in Kahikuchi (Guwahati), Mohitnagar (Jalpaiguri), Hirehalli (Karnataka) and Minicoy (Lakshadweep).  CPCRI organises several technology transfer programmes for disseminating the research results to farmers and extension personnel. Numerous enterprises have launched various products based on the technologies developed by CPCRI. The institute has been able to transfer agricultural research technologies to around 300 companies in the last four years. Front line demonstrations, training programs for farmers, Exhibitions, Seminars and Kisan Melas are regularly organized as part of the technology transfer activities of the institute.

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