FBTR full form

FBTR :- Fast Breeder Test Reactor

The Fast Breeder Test Reactor is a 40 MW t, circle compose sodium cooled quick reactor, worked at Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, as a fore-sprinter to the second phase of Indian atomic power program. The reactor configuration depends on the French reactor Rapsodie, with a few adjustments, which incorporate the arrangement of a steam-water circuit and turbine-generator instead of the sodium-air warm exchanger in Rapsodie. The reactor utilizes a high Pu monocarbide as the driver fuel and went basically on eighteenth October 1985. Being a special fuel of its kind with no illumination information, it was chosen to utilize the reactor itself as the proving ground for this driver fuel. The fuel has performed to a great degree well, with the pinnacle consume achieving 136 GW d/t starting at 31st December 2004. This paper gives a portrayal of the reactor and abridges the working history of the reactor. The working background of FBTR has given adequate input and certainty for India to dispatch upon the plan and development of a 500 MWe quick reactor.

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