FCV full form

FCV :- Flue Cured Virginia (a kind of tobacco)

Pipe relieved tobacco depicts different hues. These hues extend from light lemon to dull orange or mahogany. Our pipe relieved mixes involve well-picked parts that are blended to deliver a foreordained, uniform item that meets standard determinations of value, fragrance and nicotine content. Shading and surface are the principal components that are considered before turning out with a mix. Tobaccos of a similar shading and plant position are placed in individual mixes. We have two fundamental mixes to be specific; bring down stalk mixes and upper stalk mixes.

Lower Stalk Blends

These mixes comprise primings, hauls, and cutters that are found on the lower some portion of the tobacco plant. They are thin in surface and normally brilliant lemon to light orange in shading. Their nicotine content basically extends somewhere in the range of 1.

Upper Stalk Blends

These mixes include leaf and tips which shape the upper piece of the tobacco plant. They are firm, thick and substantial bodied and are normally lemon to dim orange or mahogany in shading. Their nicotine content regularly goes from 2.

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