GAVI full form

GAVI :- Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization

GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance is formerly known as Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization, was established in 2000 as a succeeding project to the Children’s Vaccine Initiative. It was headed by Dr. Seth Berkly as CEO since 2011. With a view to increasing practice and access to immunization in poor countries GAVI was established as a public/private global health partnership. It’s headquartered in Geneva and Switzerland. GAVI works through establishing a coherent arrangement between developing countries and donor government organizations (the World Bank), UNICEF, WHO, in both industrialized and developing countries under various research and technical angles. Its main mission is to save the lives of children and people by increasing access to immunization, improving the structure of the market of various immunization products and ensuring essential vaccines reach to the world. With the core motive of strengthening the capacity and functioning of the health system across the globe, GAVI has induced novel and innovative approaches in stabilizing the health services in a sustainable manner.

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